“And basically I can just teach golf showing them

## ## Local 6 year old takes up the game during lockdown

And when contacted, Earl Boles jumped at the chance to take on another student.

“I love doing what I’m doing.” Boles told me. “You can teach somebody something that they really can learn something. It’s more of a, it’s better, does more for you.”

“I always try to stay three to six feet away from people anyway.” the golf instructor says. “And basically I can just teach golf showing them how to grip, how to balance, the take away, all the different type stuff that you teach people to do. And it’s been working pretty well.”

As you can see, Ben is just starting out, anyone who’s ever swung a club knows it’s a long process. But it’s one Ben seems to enjoy and before things started to open back up, well it was about the only outdoor escape for mother and son!

“He looks forward to it all week,” Ben’s mother says “it’s the only activity we have right now. The only thing that we’re doing outside of the house right now.”

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